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A Modular Utility Bot

Full Assembly v28.png

This is Modulex! A radio-controlled utility bot, which uses a clever module system to allow a never-ending series of attachments to be created and securely added to its aluminium and stainless steel body!

The name itself is a combination of the word "Module", and the letter "x"! (The only letter that can make anything sound awesome!)

With no accessories attached, Modulex is expected to weigh 150kg. The entire unit is just over a metre long, at 1050mm. Can fit through wheelchair-accessible doors at 730mm wide, and stands at around 530mm high.

Modulex is propelled by four wheelchair motors, and a Sabertooth 2x60 speed controller, powered by two 12-volt car batteries. It has a top-speed of 6mph, and is capable of carrying over 300kg of weight!

4-wheel-drive means Modulex isn't easily stumped by curbs, and won't easily lose traction on slippery surfaces. Perfect for carrying your kids back up the hill after sledding down during the winter holidays!

The individual panels are coloured in these drawings to help you tell them apart. But once Modulex is fully built, we'll be able to show you what everything actually looks like!

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