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The Structure

Aluminium Frame

Here, you can see the aluminium frame made of open-source V-slot extrusions. A lot of which are held together by hidden corner brackets for added strength!

The smart combination of the outer metal panels and the inner frame structure mean that they strengthen each other greatly, while remaining easy enough to repair or replace without needing to replace things that aren't broken!

See what we mean by "Modular" now?

The entire bot is built to be added to and maintained as easily as possible, while also retaining the strength we so wanted!

Stainless Steel Body

Front view.png

The metal plates vary in thickness. 4mm for the main body work, and 6mm for the parts that are under more strain, such as the chassis.

These are all made from stainless steel, precisely lazer-cut to our specification. These bolt directly to the frame, as visible with the smaller holes found primarily around the edges of each face. The larger holes are for the modules, but you can read more about those on the modules page!


Stainless steel means we don't need to worry about rainy days! (And hey, in Britain, you have to be ready for it!)

So while the robot isn't inherently waterproof, it can certainly survive a good downpour, and won't complain driving through puddles.

In other words: water has a good challenge getting in!

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